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Derek and Heather together 4ever

A big congratulations to Derek and Heather on their wedding today.

Clear and present danger

The unfortunate thing about a state covered in forests is that logging is pretty popular. This is what a clear cut looks like.


pb, sitting behind the panelist table shortly before Blog! started at Powell’s Technical Bookstore.

Whoa. web “blog”

Imagine my surprise when I got my Oregon state primary voter guide today (we are one of the last states to vote) and in the Democratic Party list of things to do, it says “Organize a web ‘blog’ for your precinct.” Now, I knew that weblogs were something special and would eventually get big, but […]

Atkins gone wild

Everyone is Atkins crazy up here, including all the local fast food places. I figure, if you’re going to eat fast food, you might as well give up on the whole diet thing, but there are places like this that cater to those on the go. What I don’t get is if a pizza doesn’t […]

Impulse buy

Two words I couldn’t resist after seeing them last week: iPod cozy. Just about the goofiest thing I’ve ever bought online.

HTML considered harmful to airport terminals

I was cracking up the other night when I walked past this monitor in the SFO terminal. I suppose airport info is xml fetched from a database somewhere, and that from time to time they have errors in the HTML conversion like this. I always thought that United’s redesigned arrival/depature listings looked slick though I […]

Happy New Year!

A big happy 2004 to all, courtesy of my feet, a few inches of Oregon snow, and pb’s driveway.

I am speechless

An anonymous MetaFilter member sent me an early holiday gift from my wishlist that I have been wanting for quite a while now: a digital SLR camera. I was shocked and surprised that someone would send something so expensive and I’m ecstatic that I’ve got an amazing 6 megapixel camera now. I don’t know who […]

MeFi Vancouver meetup

timeistight and jeffj at the Vancouver MeFi meetup.